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Ever thought of one product that remedies so many aches at one go? Vicco’s have done that, and are in the market with Vicco Narayani Cream a natural remedy on pain. Not only this, it will help you in getting rid of nasty cough, cold and headaches.

Vicco Narayani cream is a perfect blend of variety of medicinal oils relied upon by generations to generations.

It contains oils of Rai, Nilgiri, Devdaru, Chahapati, Rosha, Lavang, Dalchini, Pudina. These oils are mixed with Kapur, Wintergreen, Peppermint phool and Ajwan phool to form a combination which is an excellent anti-inflammatory preparation.

Vicco Narayani cream helps to treat all the joint pains of our body, backache and muscular pain. Also it effectively treats cold, cough and headaches too. Thus it is a multi-utility product.

Vicco Narayani cream acts as a muscle relaxant as it strengthens the easy movement of blood which is circulated in arteries and veins, resulting in pain relief.

As more and more people are opting for Ayurvedic Medicinal system, they will find Narayani Cream an useful ally in combating multifarious diseases, body disorders without worrying about side-effects.

Due to proven medicinal properties of its active ingredients, the Government has permitted manufacturing of Vicco products under Ayurvedic Drug License.

Q. What are the benefits of using Vicco Narayani cream?
Vicco Narayani cream is an Ayurvedic Medicine manufactured under approved FDA license. Vicco Narayani is an excellent anti – inflammatory preparation. It helps to alleviate all the joint pains of the body, backache and muscular pains. It is a good muscle relaxant too. Its application on human body helps smooth flow of the blood that circulates through arteries and veins. In a way, it strengthens the easy movement of the blood when applied for a relief. Besides, effectively treats headache and also cough and cold.

Vicco Narayani is now available in more user friendly packaging by the name of Vicco Narayani pain relief spray. It is meant for all age group consumers as it can be applied in a very simple manner by just spraying over the affected area.

Narayani is one of the excellent ayurvedic products manufactured by Vicco. My Family is using Vicco Products since last three decades. It helps to treat all the joint pains of the body, backache and muscular pains. Besides, effectively treats headache and also cough and cold.

Ajay Dsuza, Muduperar
I'm IT Professional shifted to Banglore from Nashik, At our home, we regularly use Vicco Products. Our Family strictly believes in ayurveda - The Indian tradition. It was hard to find Ayurvedic pain relief spray. Thanks to Vicco that Narayani is available in form of spray.
Milind Deshpande, Banglore
Vicco Narayani Spray is ideal for sports-person like me. I was prone to regular muscular pain. My Physician recommended Narayani Spray during sessions. It really helped me Thanks for this ayurvedic product.
Sainath Ratan, Mumbai
I would like to thank Vicco Labs for this amazing ayurvedic product. I don't like chemical products so tried Narayani. It’s Herbal. I'm Impressed.
Parvez Ali, Lucknow

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